How to Get Software Requirements Right

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How to get Software Requirements right


The importance of getting the software requirement right has made big difference to so many major projects in the IT industry. Many techniques and solutions have been developed for understanding and getting software requirements right first time in the software development life cycle, but fewer people are taking these techniques into account and this is the reason why most of the IT projects are failing. I define here how to get software requirements right and why it has become some important to get software requirements right.


Requirements Analysis is known as the process which allows us to understand the customer needs and expectation from proposed software. It is
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Moreover, when requirements are specified early in the lifecycle, 80% of the functionality is relatively unwanted by the users and 45% of these features are never used. These problems mean costly rework, compromised product quality, delayed delivery on current projects and start of new ones, lost credibility and lowered revenue opportunities.

Developing and managing requirements at the start of a software project can provide significant benefits to the whole outcome: - Quicker and easier to develop and deliver high value products. - Greater insights into development capacity and capabilities. - Better understanding of the organisation and customer needs. - Higher business and user satisfaction with the overall product. - Closer alignment with business goals and expectations. - Cost saving - Result of the product is what the company actually required so get a product that meets the requirements of the system. - Reduces rework and conflicts which would have come from unclear and ambiguous requirements.

How to get the requirements right?

According to Pooja.R.Guptam, in order to get the software requirements right, it can be very beneficial to cover all the following aspects of requirement analysis: 1. Define the problem and High level description of the solution: It is
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