How to Manage Diabetes

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1) How does meat affect diabetes?
a) Why should diabetics watch what meat they eat?
When individuals develop diabetes watching your red meat, and processed meat intake is important. Red meat, and processed meat has a large amount of saturated fat, and has been linked to lead early on set type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that women with type 2 diabetes that consumed more processed, and red meat were at a greater risk of developing heart disease than women with diabetes that consumed less. Saturated fats raise your “LDL” (Bad cholesterol). Saturated fats is linked to clogging your blood vessels, and leading to heart attacks, and strokes. Research has also shown that saturated fat may also increase the body's insulin resistance and make blood sugars harder to control.
b) What meats are preferred for diabetics?
While consuming some of the foods we need for our bodies to function properly we can have substitutes. Instead of eating regular ground beef, and fatty steaks you can try eating leaner cuts of meat. Also pork chops, lean pork loin, chicken, fish, and turkey are good for replacing the regular and fatty cuts. You can also fill your plate with beans, and legumes, and snack on nuts and seeds which are another good source for protein instead of always reverting to meat. Other foods with good sources of protein to intake are things such as beans and lentils. Snack like nuts, and seeds.
2) How does sugar affect diabetics?
a) Why should diabetics watch out for high
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