Human Resource : An Evaluation Of Organizational Selections In Human Resources

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Human Resources is tasked with filling organizational vacancies with qualified candidates. When these candidates are evaluated, they are screened not only by skills but by behavioral patterns aligned with the transformed requirements of outstanding performance. During an implementation of change, the first thing the organization will want to go through people alignment; making sure the right people are employed and the wrong people are removed. In doing so, the needs or requirement of a person may change. What was once needed by the organization in the past may not be needed and now. “The right employee means an employee who fits certain needs or requirements (110).” This is done in two ways; one is to determine the fit for a specific …show more content…

The goal is to assess the fit between the new hires and the behavioral goals of the change without driving out diversity (112). The third technique for selecting a potential employee is done using behavior simulation which involves even deeper thought. Through structured role playing, potential hires are asked to demonstrate behaviors. External observers are used to evaluate behaviors that match the organizations culture and values (113). As Adient goes through its organizational change, causing it to be ran and managed more independently, a leader is needed who can approach change and strategies as an offensive system, not only as a defensive response. Adient used succession planning to select a top manager evaluating him by his performance, productiveness, and fit as the most promising individual. Through succession planning, the Launch Manager was selected as the new leader and Plant Manager. He has the desired education, experience, keen business mind, sense of urgency, competency, with added touch of charisma. He has been employed at the company for about 15 years and has worked way up through the ranks of the organization, demonstrating high performance with the desired outcome. The new Plant Manager brings a “out of the box” freshness to the organization. Through dialogue, he openly

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