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Emerging Indian Hospitality Sector: A study of NCR hotels

Shiv Mohan Verma, Asst. Professor. HRCTGI

Ravi Kumar Singh, Asst. Professor. HRCTGI


Today, big name brands are embracing new technologies and adjusting their budgets in some surprising ways. Using mass production, network broadcasting, nationwide transport and chain retailing, marketers are driving consumption among the rapidly increasing population. The emerging trends in marketing have been caused by multiple factors like advent of MNC’s in India, changing industry structure or increasing media penetration to Indian homes. Marketers today acknowledge the value of knowing the customer and retaining customer relationship. This paper explores the changing
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• Phase three involved coalition of data collected in Phase I and Phase 2.

• Phase four involved analysis of data to arrive to a conclusion.

The main tools used for data collection were interviews:

• Face to face

• Telephonic

• Email.

Research Objective

The research is guided to study the following:

• Change in Market Research issues

• Customer satisfaction Measurement

• Loyalty Programmes

• Frequency of new product/service offering

• Branch Positioning

• Integrated Marketing Communication Tools Used

• Pricing Strategy.

|Sunrise Sector |Companies |
| |Imperial |
| | |
|Hotels | |
| |The Park |
| |Maurya Sheraton |
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