Human Resource Management: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities

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Human Resource Managemement
Statistical Analysis
The data for this analysis originated from both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources included conversations with professionals in the field of Human Resource. The organization and operations of major international corporations also featured in the sampling process. Books and other literature on the field formed a great portion of the literature analysis.
The benefits and salaries of employees comprise the majority of organizations operating expenditures (Pieper 2000, p. 25). In other words, the organization is nothing more than its members of staff. The human resource department manages the efficiency and welfare of employees in an organization. The department develops policies and programs intended to increase the effectiveness and productivity of its employees. The department also manages the hiring process, benefits and pays, human resource programs and policies alongside other functions. To sum it up, the department is responsible for the management of the employee-employer relationship. This includes the creation of incentives designed to enhance the relationship. The aim of this paper is to explain the whole label of "human Resource." The paper intends to clear the norm in the profession, designate a greater involvement and strategic task in the organization than just "Personnel." The paper seeks to show that the department plays more roles in an organization than just hiring.
Ruben (2003, p.12) defines
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