ISCI 1302: A Non-Native English Speaker

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This is CheukHo Wong who is taking your ISCI 1301 at 3:30-5:30 p.m. I checked my grade of program2 on D2L, and recognised that I got 50% points off from the grade. Then, I tried to find out what happened on my program that was supposed to complete all the requirements that you want. Finally, I know why the problem comes up, and the problem occurs by my misunderstanding of the instruction. As a non-native English speaker, sometimes I read english with carelessness, so that my comprehension of instruction goes to the wrong way and eventually causes this problem happens. Now, I already redid the program and uploaded it to the program 2 folder. I do not expect I can get full credits of this program, but just want to explain the previous uploaded

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