Identify and Describe Different Forms of Communication

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In this essay I am going to identify and describe different forms of communication. I will also be using examples from health and social care sector. Communication is started through the communication cycle which is defined as “The process involved in building and understanding of what another person is communicating” (BTEC first health and social, 2006). To interact with people we communicate, we can communicate in many ways such as speaking, writing and signs.
There are many different forms of communication such as one to one, body language, technological aids, symbols and pictures, non-verbal, writing, sign language, Makaton, human aids, lip reading and braille. One to one communication is when you talk to one person; it can be …show more content…

The patient has just taken a hearing test and the doctor is trying to explain what will happen next. The doctor would sign to the service user about what will next happen. Writing is commonly used among people in the health and social care sector for writing down measurements etc. Writing is a more a more formal way of communicating and more permanent, as it can be reviewed at a later date. Writing would be used to teach primary school children how

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