Identifying And Prosecuting Computer Crime

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Identifying and Prosecuting Computer Crime
The development of any society is accompanied by a unique pattern of crime. The innovation of digital technology came to us as a blessing but not without its’ dark side. This innovation brought about novel challenges popularly referred to as cyber-crime. Policing the prevalence of cyber-crime and its threat to electronic commerce has been of great concern to all government.
Twenty-first century, the criminals increasingly rely on advanced technologies and Internet to promote their illegal operations. According to Europol’s 2011 Organized Crime Threat Assessment, “Internet technology has now emerged as a key facilitator for the vast majority of offline organized crime activity.” For instance, the
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The officials of U.S. face challenging task of detecting the perpetrators of nasty cyber incidents in which criminal and victim can be far removed from one another. The person or persons behind an instance can range from sole actors to expansive illegal networks or even nation statuses. This dare of actor ascription is further compounded by anonymity afforded by the digital realm.
It can sometimes be difficult to determine the actor’s motivation—is the criminal driven by greed or glory in the form of recognition among fellow criminals in the cyber world, or does the criminal have extensive ideological motives? Outcome the answers to these questions are key to distinguishing between cyber-crimes and other cyber threats such as cyber-attacks, cyber espionage, and the cyber warfare. Pertinent distinctions exist among these various nasty activities in the cyber domain just as lines have been drawn between their real world counterparts.
Most nations don’t have a national policy exclusively focused on opposing cyber-crime. Somewhat, there are other, wide-ranging strategies that have the cyber-crime components. Policymakers may question whether there should be a distinctive strategy for contesting cyber-crime or whether struggles to control these criminalities are best addressed through further wide-ranging policies, such as that directing cyber
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