Identifying Salient Factors that Affected CRM Process at Merck-Medco

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In the data analysis, there are two of the main objectives which will be prioritize during the research. Here are the following objectives regarding the data analysis:
1. To identify salient factors that affected CRM process at Merck-Medco
- Once the obvious factors are being found, the company will be directed to develop the appropriate measures which would help to process improvement. This factors can be identified through a quantitative and qualitative method among the representatives.
2. To develop a reliable and valid instrument that will help to assure the effectiveness of the measures and actions.
- This will then help to fulfil the dissatisfaction among the representatives. So, all of this would subsequently lead to the successful management of customer relationships..

The initial steps to achieve the objectives, the data will be separate into two main parts.
1. Exploratory factor analysis
The first part is related to salient factors will be determined so several measures will be produce in order to responses to the failure of CRM failure at Merck-Medco. In this analysis, principle of axis factoring extraction method with Varimax rotation also will be used to see the total number of factors. The corrected-items total correlation results will be re-evaluated if the factor analysis result in ambiguous structure. Then, the steps which to ensure all items within a factor measured will be in similar content would be taken. At each stage,

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