Importance Of Road Mapping For Students

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The PLC could then plan or discuss a number talk for the students. According to Parrish (2010), the heart of number talks is classroom conversations focused on making sense of mathematics (p. 203). This means one of the most powerful tools a math educator can use with struggling students, or curriculum lacking adequate rigor, is a well-researched number talk with groups of students. A well-developed number talk can be a standalone whole group discussion, but often, the teacher will integrate it into small group interventions with students who need acceleration, or remediation in a skill.
Road mapping is an important step in keeping curriculum aligned with common standards. If each unit is road mapped to the school calendar, you will
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This means the researcher needs to consider the overall implication of the details. The researcher needs to consider the size of the study, is it local, statewide, or nationwide. What will be the time and financial expenditures invested.
3. State your problem with straightforward clarity without generalizations. Leedy and Ormrod (2013) point a difficulty researchers run into stating, “A researcher talks about the problem but never actually states what the problem is” (pg. 33).
4. Have an open mind concerning the realm of possible solutions to the problem. “Good researchers try to keep open minds about what they might find. Perhaps they will find the result they hope to find, perhaps not. Any hypothesis should be stated as exactly that – a hypothesis – rather than a foregone conclusion” (Leedy, Ormrod, 2013, pg. 34).
5. Revise and edit your problem statement. Consider words of precision and brevity (Leedy, Orman, 2013).
Area 3: Deciding to use a quantitative or qualitative research methodology, these are some guideline to consider as you choose a type of methodology.
1. Consider the audience reading the study. Think about what information the audience needs from the research.
2. Consider the timeframe for the study. How much time can be allocated to the research, quantitative and qualitative research demand different time expenditures.
3. Span and scope of the research. How deeply do you want to study a
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