Importance Of Writing On Communication

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Conversational Writing Today, technology is continuously advancing. Computers, cell phones, and tablets are becoming lighter, faster, and more accessible. As we now have access to many more communicative devices, our rate of communication with others has greatly increased. But, the ways of conversing are changing. In the past, conversation was the exchange of ideas, sentiments, observations, and findings through face-to-face interactions. Now, conversation happens through texts, emails, and even social media. As the method of conversation has changed, has the way in which we engage others remained the same? As our exposure to writing with technology advances, it is important to fully comprehend the ways in which we enter writing through a conversational lense rather than just an individual activity. As students, writing typically carries a different and old way of communication. Many times, students are taught how to synthesize other’s work in a formal tone. In doing so, students enter into a conversation. As they attempt to enter into this conversation through writing, what should they expect to gain? Writers should have a specific goal and motive in order to engage a targeted audience. Margaret Kantz, a famous author explains the importance of developing creativity from textual sources. In fact, Kantz states that writers should “have a goal of saying something new” (Kantz, 436). In doing so, writers should attempt to enter into a conversation with the intent to leave
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