The Importance Of Writing And Writing

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In the essay below I will be explaining how English composition and writing has really been a huge advantage to me.I will also be explaining how I use to think I was a fantastic writer until I got to college. The paragraph below goes into depth about how as I progressed into each grade my essays improved and how I came into college cocky and ended up starting from the bottom again.

Back in the day, I use to love writing papers because i feel as if I was the king of writing papers. Well, that was not the case when I got to college. When I started writing college essays my confidence for writing essays quickly plummeted. I found myself struggling to try to write papers based on the college rubric and heavy grading. I so used to high school teachers skim reading over my papers and not paying attention to detail, and I was not worried about references pages and looking for credible sources. Everything was easy in high school but in college, you actually have to try to write a proper essay to earn a good grade. English competition and research helped me a lot with understanding how to write an essay, with the information and experience I had in this class will allow me to write better papers for future classes, it helped become more vocal and confident when I speak so when I am presenting anything I am more comfortable and I have also have learned to see both viewpoints of an argument and not just mind. Since I am becoming a veterinarian this will help me see how the owner

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