Improving Your Management Human Resources

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Improve your management Human Resources At the current stage of development of mankind in the field of management, organizations are subject to challenges, challenges and pressures to which they must respond with a high degree of creativity and realism. The main challenges are given by the dynamics of the application of scientific-technical, the rapid emergence and acceptance of new products, increasing restrictions on Human Resources, material and financial resources, more aggressive and dynamic internationally markets, gains the growth of social demands and the revolution in information and communications. After these significant socioeconomic changes modern enterprises increasingly recognize the significance agree that owns the human…show more content…
The information entered in a module will immediately affect all other modules in the system, contrary: should not be allowed to modify, add or delete information that negatively affects other modules. For example, selecting a bidder in the recruitment and selection module should have the effect of generating action automatically included in the module Personal formalities, and a new candidate for preregistration induction course module Training and Development. Or a justified dismissal must be taken into account by the module Recruitment and Selection for not re-sign him. In addition, the relevant data from all modules should be available to others. True integration avoids duplication of data, reduces and simplifies procedures, reduces the possibility of errors, avoid wasting paper and enhances the activity of human resource management. 2. A good system of management of human resources must be flexible. Flexibility is one of the main problems of current systems HRM. That is why the XXI century systems should be as possible parametric: The system must allow end users are those that modify everything is subject to change without specialist personnel. For example, according to a salary negotiation, a new salary plus affecting officers who are computer stations, the bonus is a percentage of the sum for the category of basic pay and seniority is defined. The system should allow other officials Pay Research Bureau who include this
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