Individual Motivation Has Been Defined As The Processes

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Individual motivation has been defined as the processes that account for individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. Group motivation is built on the same principles but consists of two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who come together to achieve goals. In formal groups the behavior team members usually engage in are determined and guided toward organizational goals. Informal groups in organizations meet the need for social contact and these types of interactions among individuals, through informal, can deeply affect behavior and performance. Groups can be either formal or informal; both can affect employees’ behavior and performance. There has always been a debate about…show more content…
Esteem are made up of internal and external elements such as morale, determination, accomplishment, rank, recognition, and attention. Self-actualization is an individual’s drive to become what we can become. These needs are very important when it comes to individual or group motivation because if they are not met a person will most likely will not be as motived as someone that as fulfilled these needs and recognizes them. An individual or groups motivation can also depend on their mood. A person’s mood can affect their work performance, creativity, problem solving, and decision making skills. “All moods can affect judgment, perception, and physical and emotional well-being. Long-term exposure to negative moods or stressful environments can lead to illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and ulcers. The decision-making effects of any kind of bad mood can hinder a person 's job performance and lead to poor decisions that affect the company. In contrast, a positive mood can enhance creativity and problem solving. However, positive moods can also create false optimism and negatively influence decision making.” If people are in a bad mood when trying to collaborate the group or individual may not be able to perform to their full expectations. When organizations are dealing with situations such as this one it may become difficult if even possible to reach the goal or task that is at hand. Organizations can also help with
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