Information and Strategy on the E-commerce Website

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This report gives us detail information about e-commerce electronic web site which is based on an online order with high quality content information to customers. This enterprise was started 40 years ago by Bill Crutchfield as a print “miagalog” with an objective to provide a new and better approach of shopping experience. Currently the company has built one of the most successful consumer electronics stores online by providing more informative content than its competition. Crutchfield website includes product reviews, videos and online tools supported by a team of experts who can be contacted by medium of phone satellite.
Crutchfield generally targets the crowded consumer electronics marketplace by focusing on providing superior service selling millions of electronic devices to aficionados and beginners based on demographic and psychographic features. Crutchfield also targets customers who are electronic enthusiasts who are generally looking for certain specific products where the company delivers distinct content for this type of customer. According the survey conducted by the market analyst, it has concluded that most of the user of this website is found to be men with a percentile of 85 and the age group targeted is to be in the range of 20 to 45 years, who are generally willing to spend minimum amount of $250 per order. guides customer the entire process from choosing the right system they make, model and year of car to
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