Informative Speech : Metastatic Bone Disease

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Topic: Metastatic Bone Disease
Specific Purpose: My intention is to raise awareness of one cancer as well as understanding the purpose of the study.
Central Idea: Metastatic bone cancer also known as Osteosarcoma is rare cancer that has no cure. For That reason, more funding and research need to go treatment.
Organizational Pattern: Topical order
Developmental Forms: Development, Visual Aids
I. Get attention. I am going to speak to my classmate about cancer. I know cancer is a difficult and scary subject to talk about with anyone. And what is cancer? Cancer is cells that grow out of control while normal healthy cells grow at a steady pace. There is more than one type of cancer, however, a group of related diseases that can …show more content…

2. Patients with a tumor that has spread to the spinal bones possibly will build up nerve damage that can lead to paralysis or loss of the use of the legs and/or arms (Fischer and Quinn, 2011).
3. Fresh bone can form in response to cancer spread osteoblastic, grows abnormally and causes the bone to be weak and deformed (Fischer and Quinn, 2011).
Transition: Now that you are informed about metastatic bone cancer, let’s jump to the funding for this cancer
II. Need more funding for research the fact that MBC kills 40,000 women (and men) every year.
A. Metastatic breast cancer, i.e., cancer that spreads to other parts of the body and eventually causes death. Sadly, these deaths are often overlooked amid all the hot pink fundraising and survivor-focused hoopla (Diane Mapes, 2016).
B. Doesn’t track recurrence or progression. It only counts you when you die of cancer — another sore point for metsters, who feel it’s an “unconscionable” oversight which, among other things, damages their ability to lobby for more research funding. No data, no dollars (Diane Mapes, 2016).
C. From basic research to late phase clinical trials.
Transition: Since we know that funding for this cancer is so low let’s see how far research study goes.
III. The purpose of research is for physicians and scientists with one goal to find a cure.
A. There is Research center that educates new generation of scientist

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