Informative Speech On Stress

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Kimberly Campos
Coms 151
Professor Hofmann
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform my audience about stress
THESIS: College students are not aware how stress can affect them. Stress can be prevented or helped to get better, but students aren’t fully aware how stress can affect you physically and mentally.
INTRODUCTION: Attention getter: “The 2016 survey showed 85 percent of students said they felt overwhelmed by all they had to do within the past 12 months. In the past year, 17 percent of students were diagnosed with or treated for anxiety, nearly 14 percent for depression and 8 percent for panic attacks”
I. Everyone stresses about one thing or another, but they aren’t fully aware of how stress can harm your body. It can affect your central nervous system by turning on your fight or fight mode. Respiratory and cardiovascular causes you to breathe quicker than normally. Digestive system can cause you to get diabetes due to liver sugars increasing. Also, the immune system by preventing to heal wounds and cure infections.
II. They are many activates campuses do to prevent from students getting stress. They bring animals to pet, worldwide scream, different activities like board games or Lego blocks, and they offer classes to help inform about stress and to prevent it so it would give you emotional and physical support.
III. Reliving stress by yoga can help, in my yoga class we would do different poses and by the end we would lay down for 10 minutes to rest and

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