Interactive And Engagement Has Impacted Marketing Management

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Web 2.0, interaction and engagement is a collection of open-source, interactive and user controlled online applications expanding the experiences, knowledge and market power of the users as participants in business and social processes (Constantinides and Fountain, 2008) This report is based on how the web 2.0, interactive and engagement has impacted marketing management through the supply chain, distribution and customer date facilitating. The supply and distribution is focused on the use of advance technology such as GPS tracking and searching engines, which enables customers to locate firms. Also the supply chain focuses on creating value through interactive and engagement with other parties within the supply chain and the end user. Facilitating customer data is based on firms use customer data to identify them, tailor particular information to them etc. Main Distribution and Supply Chain Distribution The web 2.0 and other technology advances now enabled firms to find a wide variety of search engines to find sellers, services, people, location, product information, reviews etc. There are now a variety of Web search engines such as Kompas business directory,, Yell etc. that enable buyers both firms and consumer to find each other. As search engines are becoming more important part in the supply chain firms, it also enables to change information in their research about the type of distributors, quantity and cost. Through the web 2.0, search
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