Internship Orientation Process And My Internship

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The purpose of this report is to give an overall review of my internship during the Spring 2016 semester. I will be discussing the internship orientation process and what I did to prepare for this internship. I will also share about the four primary activities I performed as well as my experiences. The application of technology, sustainable construction and energy and environmental awareness will also be discussed. Communication skill enhancement along with legal and ethical issue awareness are also topics that will be covered. I will also share some of the many lessons I have learned during my internship. Lastly I will discuss my overall assessment of the internship and any recommendations that I may have.
Internship Orientation and Preparation
For the orientation part of my internship I was required to do some items. First off I looked up all the companies that were going to be at the career fair and picked ten that I was interested in. I then researched those ten companies and found out information about them. Second I was required to attend the career fair. Once I was there I went and spoke with all ten companies that I researched. After I spoke with those companies a few of them were interested in me and called me back for an interview. The interviews went really well and all of them asked me to do a site visit on a certain day but after my site visit with History Maker Homes they offered me and I said yes. I was required to turn in a Master Internship
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