Intertextuality In Walang Forever

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Analyzing Genres and Intertextuality: A Critical Paper on the Film “Walang Forever”
Genre Analysis The genre analysis approach in analyzing media texts helps classify and breakdown the different genres that were recognized by the viewers as well as created by the movie makers. These genres offer satisfaction to their target audience brought by the pleasure of having predicted what was supposed to happen during the film. Genre analysis also identifies whether there is intertextuality present in relation to other films with the same genre. The recognition of these genres and having identified their importance within the media text will help the audience to relate the different cinematic elements of the film and gain more understanding of the ideas that the media text wanted to convey.
Genre Analysis and Ideology
Having mentioned that the recognition of genres within a media text offer pleasure or satisfaction to its audience, it is implied that genre analysis is also related to the different ideologies offered by the media text since there is a momentary satisfaction gained from having achieved the goal of identifying the genres and predicting the possible outcome of the media text. However, the paper will only
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The tear-jerking scenes of Mia and Ethan as they tried to accept that they will not be with each other forever, but their love will. The painful revelation of Ethan’s critical condition as well as the scene where she revealed this sickness to her mother and to Mia are both dramatic and truly emotional. Along with the drama genre is the tragedy which is recognized when Ethan died. However, tragedy was not heavily observed since the movie foretold that Mia has accepted and expected the death of her lover. This somehow relates to a person’s life where he or she loses a loved one, which is very painful but they learn to slowly accept that their loved one is gone forever in their

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