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According to the mission statement of this company its, objective is to provide a good product by not causing harm to the environment. It speaks of using the company as a means to inspire but also create solutions for the current environmental issues. The company in this case is mostly concerned, that is sticking to its core values that are centered on the environment. The company seems to have a great mission statement but lacks to have a true customer service oriented mentality. By looking at the current policies and ways to submit complaints to the company we shall further be able to conclude if the customer service for the company takes customers into consideration.


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This led them to make an environmental business decision to no longer produce pitons to avoid the damage that it had created. However, only a few years later they were able to come up with an alternative that allowed the company to produce the aluminum pitons without damaging the rocks that were being climbed by using. Once they were able to introduce the improved product they decided that it was important to inform customers of the environmental hazards caused by pitons. During this time the company had already begun selling clothing that made them realize that there was a market for this which ultimately led to the name change of Patagonia.

The mission statement is as follows:"Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis".
The information pertaining to policies regarding returns is listed currently on the website. There you will also find the policy pertaining to repairs. The policies seem to be clear for the customer to understand. The timeframe for the returns differs greatly from the repair policy as one takes approximately 7 days in comparison to the others that may take more than 30 days. In this case they are open to offering the customer the option to either receive a refund, exchange or repair the item. It is not very clear if the customer will be receiving a full refund or if they need to do exchanges if they will be getting the full retail value of the item they are

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