Introduction And Situational Analysis : Mcdonalds

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Introduction and Situational Analysis
Since it’s opening in April of 1955, McDonalds has become a popular global fast-food chain. Its popularity is mainly due to consistency, location and most importantly, price. By keeping food prices low, they gained the upper hand in the fast-food industry, but that doesn’t mean the food is also something to celebrate. McDonalds promoted the idea of cheap food at a cheap price. Their impact on global obesity increases as they gain more fame internationally. For years now McDonalds has known that their products have harmed the public by promoting an unhealthy diet. The dilemma now is to determine who will take responsibility for a now growing overweight society.
Stakeholder Analysis
Key stakeholders include customers, suppliers, and the employees of McDonalds. The stakeholder most affected is the public-whether one buys from McDonalds or not. Those who do purchase from McDonalds are directly affected by the unhealthy food provided. There have been various experiences, such as Morgan Spurlock, where fast-food consumption led increase of obesity and type 2 diabetes (Trecroci, 2005). To keep a corporation like McDonalds running, it takes a huge toll on society financially and economically. This impact includes the draining of aquifers, contamination of waterways, strip-mined soils, dangerous working conditions, greenhouse methane gas emitted by the millions of hamburger cows in feedlots, their $2 billion advertising and promotional

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