Introduction. The Progression Of A Successful Company Relies

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Introduction The progression of a successful company relies on the basic concepts of management be willing and open to change. Galaxy Toys, Inc. operated based on the Classical school of thought, with much success for many years. So why would the new owners shift the philosophy to the Contemporary School of Management Thought? What are the differences between the two? And what does that mean for Galaxy Toys, Inc. employees? The way that employees are handled by their managers has a great impact on the success of a company.
Background on the Galaxy Inc. Founded in 1956, Galaxy Toys, Inc. began their journey with an idea of traveling to the moon. The creation of one toy spaceship, was just the beginning. Galaxy stuck with their …show more content…

To be more specific, the management style that Bart had was more focused on the study of scientific management, which is one focus area of study within the Classical School of Thought. It can be defined as the systematic study of work methods in order to improve efficiency. ("Management Thought - organization, system, style, manager, school, model, company, hierarchy, workplace, business," n.d.) Theorist Frederick Taylor, was the first contributor to this theory, therefore, some people refer to the scientific method as Taylorism. Taylor was focused on reducing the time it took to complete a task. The end goal was to have calculated and written techniques. The theory was to look at every step in a process to break them down into smaller teachable parts. The goal was to improve labor productivity and eliminate waste. ("Scientific Management: Taylor and the Gilbreths," n.d.) Consequently, by streamlining functions it minimized the required job skills needed as well as learning time. Taylor had a big impact on the field of management by improving productivity, and quality control. Unfortunately, this style of management eventually led to slower production and an overall employee outrage. They did not want to be treated like robots, they were people. When employees are in disgruntled, if left alone, it could be the downfall of any

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