Involvement With And Performance During The Placement At The Uk Health Forum ( Ukhf ) Essay

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To evidence my involvement with and performance during the placement at the UK Health Forum (UKHF), I have collected evidence, which satisfies the following 6 learning outcomes, outlined in the placement module (Appendix 1). Throughout my placement I have produced several pieces of writing as well as obtained a few corporate documents to produce the portfolio of evidence. This paper gives an overview of the collected evidence (Appendix 2) as well as provides a rationale for the inclusion of each document in the portfolio under a specific learning outcome. The paper is split into 6 sections, according to learning outcomes. LO A2: Knowledge of the policy environments, organisational structures, and working practices, relevant to Global Health.
For this learning outcome, I have gathered a number of documents to demonstrate how I met this learning outcome. The documents include Cover Letter, UKHF corporate brochure, UKHF Organogram, Healthy Places Flyer as well as a page from my Working Notes. Both Cover Letter and UKHF Corporate Brochure are crucial pieces of evidence since they highlight the policy environment and working practices of the organisation. My cover letter illustrates my knowledge of the work and projects of the organisation, relevant to Global Health. Additionally, the brochure explains the role of the organisation within policy field as well as outlines policy areas the UKHF is engaged in. It also provides an overview of their working practices and

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