Jerry Is Not A New Theme For Jerry

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Jerry is a 13 year old male adolescent, the youngest of three siblings. In my initial phone conversation with his mother, I learned that she and her husband have been concerned with the friends he has been making since they moved to town 10 months ago. While polite and respectful at home, they are concerned that Jerry is being unduly influenced by his friends. She described Jerry as kind-hearted, and shy, since early childhood. She told me that Jerry has never had more than a few close friends, and seems to be uncomfortable in social settings where he does not know people. He stopped attending school dances recently. When encouraged to join a sports team, he made excuses as to why he did not want to join. This idea of not joining, is not a new theme for Jerry. She told me that they suspect he would like to be on a team, so they do not understand why he is spending so much time either alone, or with just a few friends. Instead, he has become more secretive, and may have started smoking cigarettes. I thanked the mother for her initial description of the problem, and told her that I will want her to repeat what she has told, in an initial meeting where Jerry will be present. I will also want to hear how Jerry and his father see the problem.
Jerry’s mother related that the family has had no experience with counseling, but that they were desperate to help their son. She told me that they are both doubtful whether counseling will work. They are also concerned about what others…

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