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JIT2 Task (A)
Risk Management Register: Risk | Description | Owner | Source | Likelihood of Occurrence* | Severity of Impact* | Controllability* | Macroeconomics Risks | Economic downturn could pose risk to sales development. | Accounting Team/Sales Team | Poor economy, not enough jobs, people not purchasing as much | High | High | Low | Consumer Demand Risks | Not being able to respond to consumer wants/demands quickly enough, leading to short-term revenue loss | Marketing Team | Consumer interests change, other companies offer newer/better product | Medium | Medium | Medium | Industry Consolidation Risks (bargaining power) | Decreased bargaining power, price wars, inflated discounts, limited space within retailers | Sourcing,
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Risk is the likelihood of something undesirable happening in a given time (Merna, 2008). Risk management is a two-step process- identifying what risks exist and then handling them in a way best-suited to the business objectives (Investopedia, 2012). The Adidas Group is a well-known public company that began in 1949. From a company that produced the first soccer boot with removable studs, to evolving apparel, shoe and sporting goods company, the group is recognized globally (Adidas Group, 2012). As with any ever changing business, there are many risks that must be considered. Below are eight risks from various areas of operation within the company: 1. Macroeconomics Risks 2. Consumer Demand Risks 3. Industry Consolidation Risks (bargaining power) 4. Political and Regulatory Risks (trade policies) 5. Legal Risks (Trademark/Patent Infringement) 6. Product Counterfeiting and Imitation Risks 7. Social and Environmental Risks 8. Natural Risks (Natural Disasters, Epidemics, etc.)
A1. Global risks are usually predictable and have a high probability of occurrence but are often referred to as uncontrollable risks (Merna, 2008). Of the risks listed above, one that has more of a global aspect on marketplace activities is the political and regulatory risks. This would include potential losses from expropriation, nationalization, civil unrest, terrorism and significant changes to trade policy. Specifically,
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