Job Plan For Job Process Essay

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Job crafting are changes in job description created by a worker to satisfy their own personal needs but also complying with company’s needs. It can include following the job description and guidelines of the job, but adding a new way of doing it. Job crafting should also be created to support the organizations needs as well. These needs should be beneficial for both the worker and company and compromises may need to be made. Sometimes these changes may not necessarily be in the job description, but helps the worker feel a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment, but not necessarily help the company. These changes can be the way they do their job, but also in the way they feel about their job. Job satisfaction is important to both the employee and employer. Having a satisfied employee can lead to better performance and therefore better outcome for the business overall. Employees may job craft in order to deal with certain aspects of their position that they may find difficult to deal with control over job this can lead to meaningful and fulfilling work and interactions that lead to a sense of purpose, personal growth, better relationships and less stress has shown positive effects on job satisfaction and efficiency as discussed in research at the University of Michigan by Amy Wrzesniewski and jane E. Dutton. Finding new ways to do their job can include adding or taking away some aspects of the position. Finding a proper middle ground, such as managers having an

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