Keiurig Green Mountain Coffee Marketing Strategy

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Coffee is a highly recognised aphrodisiac: the caffeine in the coffee endorses hormones that create sexual drive. But, if you’re looking to get laid tonight, don’t choose Keurig Green Mountain coffee for your sweet nothings. Keurig Green Mountain Coffee is a waste of desire, the brew is weak and watery, there is no fine line between bitter or acidic and overly creamy, and the lasting residue is something you don’t want on your tongue.

Keurig is a nationally renowned company. It was founded by some guy somewhere, that nobody really cares about, and apparently he liked coffee. And apparently it wasn't a passion strong enough to make good coffee. As of today the company has sold out 80 various brands and demeaned their 575 beverage varieties. Some of the the brands include, Van Houtte, Donut House, Tierney’s Iced Tea Co., Green Mountain Coffee, and Starbucks. Truthfully, I’ve never even heard of half of these companies-- that must explain the situation. As for the Keurig brewing system, it is specialized in making tea, iced coffee, hot coffee, and cold brew coffee. Honestly, the only girl you're getting-- with your Keurig set-up-- is the the one working at the Flying J, next to a dirty truck stop, and is used to drinking mediocre coffee …show more content…

For example, the Colombian Blend, while the best of the three flavors, was still less than satisfying. It’s watered down, instant mocha flavor, captured nothing short of ordinary. For as much hype the Keurig brands bestows on it’s coffee, you think they would be able to invent a decent mild brew. It’s flavor was nonexistent and unappealing. For a plus, it had a crisp freshness to it, but if you looking for that, turn on the tap. Nobody wakes her girlfriend up with a cup of colored

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