Kfc Marketing Fundamental

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Contents I - Introduction 2 II - Micro Environment 2 1. Customers 2 2. Partners 3 2.1. Suppliers 3 2.2. Franchisees 3 3. Competitors 3 4. Industry 4 III - Macro Environment 4 1. Political 5 1.1. Carbon tax 5 1.2. Minimum wages 5 2. Social Cultural 5 3. Economic 6 IV - Conclusion 6 V - References: 6 I - Introduction KFC, which has full name as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is one of well-known fast food brand names in the world due to their effective marketing strategies. To create good marketing strategies, KFC needs to understand the market by conducting a market research and collecting information about micro and macro environment. Therefore, they can influence factors in the micro environment and…show more content…
From single meals to family meals or separated options, all of them can reach the demand of different kinds of customers by offering the prices as lowest as possible. Especially, KFC presented some promotions for some of their products by redeeming prices for those products on Tuesday. “Happy Tuesday” is an example for their promotion. KFC also has friendly customer services by training their staffs to have good attitude with their customers. KFC’s staffs have to treasure and appreciate any complaints from their customers in order to satisfy them. In conclusion, by understanding and treasuring their customers, KFC had effective strategies to influence them. 2. Partners The definition of partners is people or groups who cooperate with the company such as suppliers, transporters, sponsors, retailers or wholesalers. KFC’s partners include farmers who supply materials for production and franchisee who can legally establish KFC shop to earn profit for themselves. 3.1. Suppliers According to announcement of KFC on their website, Inghams, Steggles and Baiada are well-known brand names that provide chicken meat to KFC. By signing for long-term contracts, KFC became their major customer. As their long-term customer, KFC influences to reduce the cost of purchase by consider the most reasonable price with guaranteed quality. If any supplier does not match KFC’s demands, KFC will stop the
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