Kirksville Library Volunteers Case

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Introduction to Organization and Environment In regards to the Kirksville Library Volunteers Case, this is a medium-sized public library located in a large, southern city. Non profit. Funding. In order for the library to function beyond the limits of its normal paid staff, the library relies on a large volunteer reserve of 75 volunteers.
This library functions like many other libraries in its input, throughput, and output. It is most likely a non-profit organization that is funded by sources such as taxes, grants, and private benefactors. The library also likely runs on a quarterly budget if not a yearly budget and it does not often have to change how things are done. Because of this, the library by definition falls into a placid environment. …show more content…

Volunteers would be guaranteed projects and tasks to do during their shift. In this situation there would only be one employee managing the 75 volunteers, again this may be too much for one person. Managing a lot of individuals can cause frustration for the selected employee who is managing the volunteers, thus disturbing morale in the workplace.
The most practical solution for this management case would be to choose three to four serious, eligible and qualified volunteers to become Volunteer Coordinators. Each Volunteer Coordinator would be assigned to one section of the library e.g. circulation, technical services, or outreach and so on. They would be liaising with staff from the designated section, creating a list of projects and tasks that could be fulfilled by the volunteer. Previous communication issues would more than likely be solved between staff and volunteer coordinators.
The Volunteer Coordinators would then select which category of the library volunteers would work, dividing them up evenly as possible. A trusting relationship will begin to form after the volunteer works in their designated section. One disadvantage of this arrangement could be that

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