Leadership Development : Leadership And Decision Making Skills

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Leadership development:
Leadership development is an integral part of the Kappa experience and ensures that our members embrace the idea of women elevating women. Like
Sacred Heart, our goal is to provide our members with leadership skills that will prepare them for their future endeavors.
From day one, members are encouraged to explore leadership roles within their chapters, specifically through the chapter committee structure. Each member is assigned to a committee, creating a place for her to have a say in chapter operations. This is an opportunity for her to contribute to a positive chapter environment while developing leadership and decision-making skills.
Committee involvement cultivates future chapter leaders.
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The event is meant to cultivate leaders and leadership skills within the chapter.
Another way we develop leaders within new chapters is to send a member from the new chapter to the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute. The programming further enhances leadership skills and inspires our members to take values-based actions within their chapter, on their campuses and within their communities.
General Convention is held every two years. The event is open to all collegiate and alumna members. Attendees have the opportunity to vote on important organizational topics, network with one another and attend educational sessions and workshops.
Kappa Leadership Conference is held in non-convention years and focuses on officer-specific training as well as adviser education. The presented programming aligns with our Pillars of Education. For example, this year, subject-matter experts will conduct education and training on topics concerning well-being — specifically mental health and diversity.
Every Member Education is one way we prepare our members for leadership opportunities. It is designed to meet the needs of each member at every stage of her life. Kappa shares your dedication to providing hands-on learning opportunities and to developing strong individuals who will impact the region, nation and world. Information regarding community service programs, including information about organization’s inter/national philanthropy:

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