Leadership Style And Personality Type I Possess

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The five strengths identified by taking the Gallup Strengths Finder Survey were; Relator, Consistency, Learner, Responsibility and Individualization. Each of these strengths are different in their own right and give a solid base as to the type of leadership style and personality type I possess. It is the combination of these strengths and how they are utilized that will determine the type of nurse practitioner I will become in my practice.
A Relator is someone who works closely with others, is honest, candid and gravitates towards methodical processes (Rath, 2007). Someone who identifies with the strength of Relator takes great joy in sharing their knowledge and experiences while passing their skillsets on to others and helping them …show more content…

According to Rath (2007), setting up standardized ways of doing things is vital as it allows this person to do the right thing consistently from a moral and legal perspective.
A person with the strength of Learner is someone who wants to continuously learn and improve, are able to concentrate for long periods of time and are motivated to further educate themselves (Rath, 2007). A Learner isn’t satisfied with mere answers, they must figure things out, solve the puzzle and will continue to research the subject until satisfied with the knowledge gained even if it means losing sleep to do it. Most Learners are self-taught in many areas, are bold and dare to think outside the box (Rath, 2007). Education is an important lifelong activity for this person as skills and information are constantly being learned, tested and perfected.
Responsibility is taking ownership, committing to values and high standards (Rath, 2007). It is important that things are done the right way with precision and accuracy. A person who identifies with the strength of Responsibility is organized, consistent, predictable, ethically minded, efficient as well as dependable (Rath, 2007). Often the more adult of their peers, they are motivated by acknowledgement and are methodical in nature.
Individualization is most successful when they are on their own yet are able to see and utilize the unique talents in others (Rath, 2007). This person believes

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