Leadership and Organizational Behavior

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Leadership and Organizational Behavior Course Project

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GM591 ON Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Professor Robert Salitore 4/17/11

DaCosta Mannings Inc, is one of a retail environment and I am the customer service manager for the entire operation which has five locations throughout the island.

I have chosen this organization because when I was hired, they did not have a formal plan in place to enhance and effectively run a customer service department. Throughout the years they have had tremendous issues with the customer service at the various locations and it had resulted in downward sales
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Additionally, a crisis not only brings a great deal of attention, it also generates a great deal of emotional involvement on the part of those associated with the organization, particularly if the crisis threatens the organization's survival. This increases the potential for either reinforcing the existing culture, or leading to a change in the culture. Such a crisis can provide an opportunity for a leader to influence the organization's culture in either a positive or a negative way.

How can the communication aspect between employer and employee be improved?
Communication is what the employees need from their employers. Employees look for organizations where communication and process are transparent.
[1]The model below shows the flow of communication in a systematic format.


As defined by the above representational model, there are 3 categories of employees:
A: Who will leave their current employer in 3 years of their employment?
B: Who have a probability of leaving their current employer in next 3 years?
C: Who will stay with their current employer in the next 3 years?

Category A: These are the employees who lack communication with their employers.
Category C: These are the employees who have proper, well-structured communication with their employers.

Communication is also the way to win the employees trust in the organization. Employees trust the employers who are friendly and open to them. This
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