Leadership and Performance in the Workplace

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Leadership and Performance in the Workplace November 28, 2011 Leadership and Performance in the Workplace When an organization does not reach the goals mandated by the leadership of that company there has to be an examination into what causes that breakdown. By looking into the different areas of the company from leadership down to the workers, management can ascertain what needs correction. By having an outside investigation done there are biased findings, and the advised changes are made from pure facts. The industrial/organizational psychology used to help build up failing company includes performance analysis, different leadership theories, and team or group structure. Woody’s Veneer Factory has opted to contract an…show more content…
All production managers will serve as members of the floor employees, roving the floor checking work, asking questions, and looking into issues. The production managers will be evaluated on employee feedback for communication style and conflict resolutions. The office will only be used for support staff this ensures that there are checks and balances put into place. The employees can identify with one person and can have their questions and concerns address promptly, allowing them to feel more a part of the company. Floor Workers View on Influence and Power of Management The floor workers view on management in this company is one of a power struggle between floor people and the managers in authority. This is a major problem and cannot be easily fixed but there can be some major adjustments on both workers and the supervisors. In organizations where a floor worker does not respect the supervisors, the company will not work fluently and in a cohesive manner. The two are working against each other and will have a negative result on the company. There are already major arguments between the two that needs to be solved. Floor workers in this company do not respect their managers or supervisors. The floor workers believe that management is not addressing the groups concerns or treating the group fairly. Some suggestions can be done to help the floor workers work with the
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