Lesson 6 Case Studies Essay

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Lesson 6 Case Studies
Milan Shrestha
International American University
MGT 500 : Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Sushil Pant
October 17, 2014

Chapter 12
Effective Communication: Partnership in Italy.
The given case is about effective communication. In the case, Melissa Chang who is handling all sorts of sourcing activities at the company, she is asked to travel to Venice, Italy to meet her company’s partnering company. She is asked to travel for solving the issues that has made a bad impression of her company towards the partnering company. As before also Melissa’s colleagues cancelled their trip to Moscow at the last minute which hampered their relationship with other partners …show more content…

And at the second day, her communication skill was so effective that the behavior of Italian partners changed and they were much warmer and willing to sit down and discuss details of work. So her response to the feelings of the Italian partners helped her analyze the situation properly. Melissa’s also noted down Italian partner’s cues or issues and answering correctly to the partner’s efficiently. Mainly the active listening of Melissa helped her answer thoroughly. Melissa established rapport towards the partners which effectively communicate to help them feel comfortable. So Melissa’s communication style impacted the performance of the Italian partners which we can see in the case that Italian partners projected plan for the next fiscal year and also a formal dinner in her honor was arranged. Italian partners also praise Melissa for her quick actions and decisiveness.
Question 2: Primary source of information to Melissa’s visit The primary sources of information prior to Melissa’s visit to Italy was the establishment of effective communication in between the Italian partners and her company in order to solve the issues. Italian partners requested several times for information to Melissa’s colleagues but it was not fulfilled. So to tackle the communication barriers in between the two partnering companies is the primary source to Melissa’s visit to Italy. The act of removing the

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