Lesson Plan

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Narrative Report on Student Teaching
In- Campus Practicum
Off- Campus Practicum

Presented to the BSED Intern Supervisor Of
Holy Child College of Davao
Mrs. Miriam Capilitan

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement
Professional Education 10 (Practice Teaching)

Presented by:
Ms. Rogelyn P. Goboy

March 02, 2013
Second Semester
SY: 2012- 2013

Acknowledgement .
Philosophy of Education..
Student Teacher's Prayer..
Chapter One- Cooperating SchoolÔÇÖs
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They mold me how to an effective, creative, resourceful, enthusiastic, friendly, lovable, equipped and professional teacher. They created a lot of changes in terms of my mindset of teaching. Mrs. Glecida Aliado and Mr. Elwin Fernandez, as my cooperating teacher in my in- campus duty. Mr. Norvin M. Luisen, as my cooperating in my off- campus. I am very blessed to know you personally and to be with you for almost two months.

To my co- interns Ms. Mariefie de Guzman, Ms. Lyndel Coronado and for those interns from the other school who are always there in times of scarcity and happiness. I would like to show my gratitude. I am so thankful for your presence and for your moral support.

To my very supportive and ever loving parents who are always there to support me emotionally, spiritually and financially. Thank you for keeping me from falling. I canÔÇÖt comply these requirements without your helping hands.
To our intern supervisor, Mrs. Meriam Capilitan. Thank you for guiding us on what to do from the very first day of our duty until the end.

Lastly, and most especially to our Almighty God, who are so great. Thank you for your guidance and protection, for all the blessings that you showered upon our family. This project would not be possible without you. YouÔÇÖre really a great God.


This book is dedicated to all student teachers and for those becoming student teachers who believe that there are better and more effective ways of teaching…

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