Deanna Kuhn Theory Of Cognitive Development

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A present time, there are many developmental theories, which cover cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical. Among those theorists, for the purpose of this post, I will be considering two of them. First, I will be reviewing the Russian psychologist Lev Vygostsky and his sociocultural theory. Next, I will be looking at Deanna Kuhn and the Metacognitive development theory. One of the psychologists who made a significant contribution and stimulated a lot of studies in addressing the cultural impact in human development was Vygostsky. He introduced the sociocultural theory, which focused on culture transmission from one generation to another. He also theorized with social interaction, children to acquire the way of thinking and behaving …show more content…

The definition of metacognition has been broadened to thoughts about thoughts and affective states, motives, intentions and the ability to consciously and deliberately monitor and regulate one’s knowledge, processes, cognitive and affective states, motives and intentions (Papaleontiou-Louca, 2008). Kuhn believes that metacognition is a high level construct, which can be conceptualized in a developmental framework. Additionally during development young children, they develop capabilities of metaknowing that many adult do not master. Therefore in early age metacognitive achievements serve as foundations of higher order thinking in adulthood, which include scientific thinking (Kuhn, 2000). She believes that knowing have to have a purpose or a goal because the simple fact of knowing what you know does not have much impact on your knowledge unless that knowledge serves a purpose. So in this developmental framework, she suggested that there are two terms: metastrategic knowing which refers to metaknowing about procedural knowing. Metastrategic knowing can be then divided into metatask knowledge about task goals and metastrategic knowledge referring to strategies a person has available to meets the goals (Kuhn, 2000). Metastrategic and metacognitive are important because they provide an explanation to as to why cognitive development occurs or fails to occur. Additionally the metacognition development has laid foundations for contemporary theories of learning

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