Lucretia Mott's Legacy

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[2]In a world where a women makes 79 cents for every one dollar a man makes (AAUW) , and about 250 African-Americans were shot by police in 2016, (Huffington) a woman like Lucretia Mott is needed.Not only was she a women's rights advocate, Mott was also an abolitionist and was completely against racism. [4] When Mott was 27 Mott became Quaker Minister. At the Seneca Falls Convention Mott helped write the Declaration of Sentiments. She also published a speech on Discourse on Women. [3] Lastly Mott, Lucy Stone, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton established the Americans Rights Association. [1]Mott was an extremely important and peaceful lecturer in the Civil War since she spoke out against slavery and supported women’s rights in a time
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She worked for over 30 years to fight for human rights. (Biography) Being brought up in a religious household influenced Motts peaceful ways, she also attended a Quaker school. Mott came to be a minister and was known for her impactful speeches. [2] In 1848 Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton called a convention in Seneca Falls in New York, this was the first convention of its kind. It was held “to discuss the social, civil, and religious rights of women.” The convention issued Declaration of Sentiments which was based on the Declaration of Independence. It stated that “all men and women are created equal. …” In 1850 Mott published the Discourse on Woman a novel that discussed the need for the rights for women. This was a lecture by Lucretia on December 17, 1849 It was in response to one by an unidentified lecturer. [3] Gently, Mott criticized the demand for equal rights of women. [4] Although it was in response to another lecture, Her approach is subtle instead of directly arguing, instead she places emphasis on the injustices done to women during marriage. [2]After helping to establish Swarthmore College in 1864, Mott struggled with increasing health issues, she was elected as the head of the American Equal Rights Association. During the Kansas campaign, the founders Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony had accepted the help of a well known racist. [4] Since this was…show more content…
However, Mott continued to work for education to the recently emancipated southern African-Americans. [1] Mott was the first major American women's activist in the early 1800s and is credited as the launcher of women's political advocacy. She was a Quaker, a women's rights proponent, and an abolitionist. As part of the abolitionist movement she helped to end slavery, then proceeded on to help African Americans obtain the rights of citizenship and suffrage. (Biography) [4] As part of the temperance movement, she helped to raise awareness about the evils of alcoholism. [3] Willingly, part of the women’s rights movement, Mott helped women gain social status and suffrage rights. She communicated to men that women were brilliant and capable beings. She stressed that women’s rights should no longer be denied.
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