Lung Cancer Case Studies

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As usual he feels weak and unrested, he has become acquainted to the discomfort in the chest as bronchitis has become a recurring issue. However, the irritation in the chest seems aggravating than normal. Richard thinks nothing of it and puts a cigarette in his mouth as he prepares to leave for a long fourteen hour shift as a truck driver. He catches a glimpse of himself on the mirror and notices lumps near the surface of the body. As Richard ponders the possibilities of what it might be he starts to realize recent happening that got him concerned. He has been coughing up blood, has had little to no appetite and has had sounds of wheezing from the chest. The long time heavy smoker finally decided it what time to get checked out by the …show more content…

The doctor was not shocked considering the fact Richard has been smoking since a very young age and is frequently exposed to diesel fumes because of his occupation. Dr.Johansen explained that because of his long time use of cigarettes and exposure to diesel fumes it caused cells in the lungs to mutate. “The cells start to grow uncontrollably and clumped together forming a tumor” (Cooper, 2010). He suggested that Richard immediately gets treatment for the disease because “lung cancer metastases can spread to lymph nodes around the lungs, and they can also travel through the bloodstream to other organs, such as bones, adrenal glands, and the brain” (How Lung Cancer Develops, 2016). In Richard’s case surgeons will be able to remove the cancer surgically since the tumor involves lymph nodes farther away from the heart and has not spread to other parts of the organ. (West, 2015). A year has passed since Richard got his cancer removed from his lungs. Although cancer free, he suffers from dyspnea and lymphedema. Due to damaged lymph nodes during his surgery, blockage in the lymphatic system occurred leading fluid buildup causing his arms to swell. Richard’s existence has now becoming facing detrimental choices he made early in his

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