Managers And Employees ' Motivation And Its Importance

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Managers’ and Employees’ Motivation and Its Importance
Joechelle Gemino
Indian River State College
Is it very important that managers understand their employees’ motivation. There are different components that need to be bonded together in order to motivate employees. Workplace environment and communication influence managers’ and employees’ motivation. More motivation means more productivity. The relationship between managers’ motivation and their employees is analyzed in this paper.

Managers’ and Employees’ Motivation and Its Importance
A manager’s objective must be to help construct an organization with employees that motivate and inspire each other. Employees’ motivation are important. Motivation affects employee’s performance, which affects the company’s overall success. It leads to greater work performance. Motivation is important because it creates the drive for employees to perform their responsibilities and achieve their organizational goals. “It is the psychological catalyst employees and owners require to reach the goal” (McKay, 2014). In order for managers to create a strategic motivational plan, managers need to have a better understanding of what motivates their employees.
Manager’s Responsibilities
“One of the most important functions of management should be to provide direction to the organization – what is known as strategy” (Schweigner & Szilagyi, 1984). Managers ideally should be able to formulate and choose strategies that will lead to the
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