Market Research Dick Smith Electronics

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 Executive Summary
In this business report, we are focusing on studying Dick Smith Electronic (DSE) Retailer Shop which is selling HP Multi-Function Deskjet F2280 A-I-O printer. It will provide the information about DSE company’s background, electronic retailing industry’s background and Micro and Macro environments of the company. What’s more, it will present the market of product by comparing to the competitors and targeting to the demographic segmentation of the market which are those studying in university and graduate from high school and, as well as the ones who are having a professional job. Moreover, the products provided by HP attract the customers by famous brand name, low price and high quality. The environments around the DSE
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Associated with ‘societal marketing concept’ by Kotler, the market should call for societal responsible marketing (McDaniel et al).
3.1.2 Natural Environment
A shortage of raw material, such as oil, gas and water, requires the market to provide more green products to fit in with the environmental needs and satisfy customers’ green value at the same time. Yukinori and Kazuhiro state that there is an environmental problem and resource-related issue that company should make a policy to against that (Yukinori & Kazuhiro). For instance, DSE can buy more green products or buy from some company running recycling program to sell. HP Company is also running the recycling program in a responsible way (as cited in Michael Bonsiewich). Furthermore, DSE can make some discount for customers on environmental products to be responsible to this market.
3.1.3 Economic Environment
People are having higher incomes; as a result, they will have more capacity to pay for the high-tech product with higher price. It will challenge the market to be competitive to earn consumers’ loyalty (Kotler et al, 2007, p180) Figure 1 Wages Growth (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009) 3.2 Micro-environment
The environment that influences the organizations’ marketing including four factors, market intermediaries, customers, competitors and publics, is the microenvironment of the organisation (Kotler et al, 2007, p163)
3.2.1 Competitors
In this
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