Essay on Market and Features of Lumia 2520 Tablet by Nokia

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Analyzing a New Product
Identify a new product launched by a MNC in the past 3 months. (a) Describe the product with a focus on the innovative features. (b) In what markets (channels) was this product launched (distributed) and why? (c) List 3 major competitors of this product and how each is positioned in the marketplace? (d) How is the MNC positioning the new product? (e) How successful will this product be and why?

1. The Product – Lumia 2520 tablet by Nokia
Nokia’s Lumia 2520 is the Finnish smartphone-maker’s take on a Lumia-style tablet. Despite Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Nokia, the Lumia 2520 sees Nokia directly competing with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet for market share.

2. Key Product Features
The Lumia 2520 tablet …show more content…

The tablet also comes with integrated HERE Maps making the Lumia 2520 the only tablet with true offline maps for a fast and reliable maps experience. The tablet also includes an exclusive version of Nokia Music with Mix Radio preinstalled.
The Lumia 2520 comes with a unique and stylish accessory which offers a great set of benefits: the Nokia Power Keyboard which offers up to five extra hours of battery life and two built-in USB ports. A protective and wraparound cover, the Nokia Power Keyboard includes a fully functional keypad with gesture trackpad, so typing feels as natural as on a laptop. With Microsoft Office and Outlook preinstalled, which greatly enhance the device’s appeal to business users. The tablet will also be available in four different colors; black, white, cyan and red.

3. Availability, Distribution & Pricing
Initial roll out has already begun in the U.S. as well as the U.K and Finland, with additional countries to follow shortly.
In the U.S, the device has been on sale since November 21st 2013 with a raw (uncontracted) retail price of $499.99. Both Verizon and AT&T are offering the device at a discounted price of $399 if

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