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. Market Strategy All of the ways I plan to market the “T.G.C Network” will be strictly online. The main market strategy technique the I will use to market T.G.C Network is by blog marketing. Using blogs strictly geared toward the fashion and model industry, I will post about T.G.C Network and all it has to offer, as well as updates, and news. That way I am reaching only those that are interested in the modeling industry. I will also use Pinterest and YouTube to market T.G.C Network because models use these two medias to remain updated on the things happening within the industry, as well as, some of them even post things themselves dealing with the industry. We will send email campaigns to models with popular portfolios, that are signed up to the free version of T.G.C Network, in order to get them to subscribe to VIP subscription. Lastly, there will be online ads, and not only on T.G.C Agency’s website, but I will also have them placed on a few websites of photographers, stylists, hair stylists and make-up artists who work with professional models, and have their own website. As usual with anything in life, word of mouth will naturally happen. I believe that sticking those marketing strategy techniques mentioned, is the best way to stay focused on reaching my target market, and anyone willing to look into booking them as well. g. Organizational Development MANAGEMENT: Sr. Agent Duties: They are responsible for managing the talent management team and being sure that they

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