Marketing Cross-Functional Relationship During Npd

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Marketing Cross-functional Relationship during NPD and collaborative capability for marketing managers


In the era of hi-tech and rapid information development, the success of the enterprises mainly depends on the continuous NPD. It is discovered by a lot of research that the collaboration between the marketing and other departments is critical to the success of new products. The marketing can have better promotion performance through effective collaboration with R&D and other departments.
Adopting deep interview for a special case, this study elaborates the cross-functional relationship (CFR) management based on research findings and related theories. The study suggests the structural, social and individual ways to
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How can the cross-functional collaboration be effective in NPD process?
How can marketing managers develop skills to be successful in establishing multiple collaborative relationships?
According to these questions, the discussion involves four parts:
First, the features of CFR in the process of NPD.
Second, the principles and critical factors for cross-functional collaboration.
Third, the collaborate capabilities of marketing managers.
Finally, the cross-functional collaboration in Chang Xin Asset Management Company, especially between Marketing Department and Investment Management Department in new mutual fund development process.

1.2 Review of Chapters

The dissertation is divided into five parts. In the introduction part, the background of CFR and its effect is introduced. The objectives and purpose of the study are listed. In the literature review part, the research results of CFR and managing methods in NPD are reviewed, some problems of the research are pointed out and the main topic of this study is raised. The research methods are introduced in the research methodology part. The research methods, investigation methods and interview design are examined. Part four is the case study on Chang Xin Asset Management Company. The investigation material and literature knowledge are combined to analyze the effectiveness of the cross-function relationship management.

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