Marketing Discourse Of South Korea Essay

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Ever since the economic boom that South Korea faced due to globalization in the 1990’s, South Korea has been working on becoming a country on-par with other global powers such as Canada and Australia (John, 2015). South Korea has paid a particular focus since the early 2000’s on exporting culture to the rest of the world through what is known as the “Korean Wave”, and South Korean beauty is no exception to this trend (John, 2015). South Korean beauty has grown its own niche market in America where people can purchase products either from popular online distributors such as MEMEBOX, WishTrend, and YesStyle, or from select American outlets such as Sephora, Urban Outfitters, and Forever21. Beauty from South Korea has also gained an online presence as popular online beauty gurus test interesting products from South Korea, and some beauty gurus even have a focus on South Korean beauty products and trends. My discourse community is the marketing discourse community within the business sphere, and it focuses on ways to sell products to customers and make them aware of products that they might like with hopes of increasing the profit margins of companies. Companies tend to employ multiple types of marketing, including traditional and word of mouth marketing, but I have focused my research more on the side of traditional marketing. Traditional marketing includes magazine and newspaper advertisements, television advertisements, and billboard advertisements. With the increase in

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