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A Marketing Plan Presented by:
Jorge L. Pichardo

Table of Contents Page 1. Description 3 2. Critical Success Factors for My Marketing Plan 3 Mission Statement 4 Goals 4 Competitive Advantage 4 3. Situation Analysis 5 SWOT Analysis 5 Competitor Analysis 6 Company Analysis 6 Customer Analysis 6 Industry Analysis……………………………………………………………………..7 4. Market-Product Focus 7 Marketing and Product Objectives 7 Market-Product Grid 8 Target Markets 9 Points of Difference 9 Positioning 10 5. Augmenting my 4Ps Marketing Program Strategy 10 Product Strategy 10 Price Strategy 11 Promotion
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The menu consists of a variety of Spanish pastels and empanadas. These are appetizers that the other fast food restaurants do not offer. To ensure the exceptional product line, Pasteles and Empanadas focuses on using top-quality ingredients in its products. Customer service and satisfaction is also a high priority. Another competitive advantage is that Pasteles and Empanadas will be locally owned and operated unlike many of the franchises that have moved into the Providence area, such as, McDonalds, Hardees, and Burger King. Location is another key factor of which we have an edge over our competitors. Our location in the city of Providence will be readily visible, easy to access and in the middle of a high traffic zone during the tourist season.

3. Situational Analysis
The SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis provides a brief description of the present environment in which Pasteles and Empanadas will be operating. This is a quick overview of our position among internal and external forces influencing our operating strategies.

SWOT Analysis

| Strengths | Weaknesses | Internal Forces | • New appetizer alternatives | • High start-up costs | | • New socializing location | • New business to owners and customers | | • High depth of product line | • Expensive marketing

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