Marketing Plan For Kellogg's Cereal

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Cereal Brands in Our Culture Cereal in America has become a completely different product from cereal in other countries. America’s top cereal brands don’t aim for consumers to just have a delicious breakfast, they aim for much more and each at specific targets. The focus of this report will be revolved around three specific brands of cereal sold in America. Kellogg’s brand cereal will be covered first. Following, General Mills will be covered. Finally, a brand not so much known though advertisement, Meijer store brand will be covered. Each brand has specific targets and their own ways of drawing those targets in. Kellogg’s started to introduce some of their popular brands in the 1950’s. These brands included; Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes, and Special K. Their cereal isn’t just for the taste; they developed Special K cereal to pack a lot of protein to fit consumer’s needs (Kellogg Company History). Kellogg’s cereal can be found in every super market in America. One of Kellogg’s Iconic figures is Frosted Flakes Tony the Tiger. Tony the Tiger has always been seen in commercials as this big athletic tiger. Kellogg’s has given Tony some physical traits such as; a tall height, a big smile, big muscles, and a tough man pose. All these traits are great for Tony’s target audience to want to emulate. Children often appear in commercials with Tony. These children are doing some sort of physical activity with Tony and then Tony ends the commercial, talking about Frosted Flakes, saying
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