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Marketing Plan for MUJI



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21st December, 2010


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Executive Summary Current Market Analysis - Macroenvironment Current Market Analysis - Customer Market Description Product Review Competitive Review Channels and Logistics Review Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategies - Product Marketing Strategies - Price Marketing Strategies - Place Marketing Strategies - Promotion Execution Plan Budgets Controls Appendix - References

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Executive Summary MUJI, a Japanese retail company which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods, is distinguished by its concept of simplicity and emphasis on environmental
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The median age is 25. Household Income. The average per household income in India in 2008-09 was 140,000 Indian rupees. The distribution is uneven. (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy’s, 2009) The middle class is defined with real annual household disposable incomes of 200,000 to 1,000,000 Indian rupees. (National Council for Applied Economic Research, 2007) Consumer Buyer Behaviour Share of Consumption. The consumers spend 25% of the household disposable income on food and beverage and 3% on household products. (Centre for Monitoring Indian

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Economy’s, 2009; National Council for Applied Economic Research, 2007) Affecting Factors. Social: Reference Group. A research report found that in India, 87% of those who use the Internet trust others’ advice rather than any kind of advertising, proving that word-of-mouth is the most powerful advertising. Newspaper, opinions expressed online, opinions expressed on brands’ websites and TV are also ranked among the top of the list. Search engine advertisements, advertisements before movie screening, online banner advertisement and mobile phone text message advertisements are the least trusted form of reference. (Nielson, 2007) Personal: Lifestyle. Consumers like to have their own lifestyle, build personality and realize self-concept. The choices of shops and goods purchased are part of the lifestyle. A new and unique lifestyle can be built by a new brand.
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