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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Like in sports, in business the performance of team is not just based on the individual talents. It is also, and maybe even more, based on the global efficiency of the team. To be efficient, a team leader needs to ensure that all the team players are pulling at the same rope, towards the same direction. That first step ensures that all the energy that is spent, is used in favor of the objective and not against it. A second step is to set the team organization, in a way that each team member is in the position to deliver its maximum performance. To make this possible, a team leader has to understand the individuals’ and interpersonal dynamics of the team. …show more content…

It allowed making the best possible match between their aptitudes and the requirements of the different tasks.
Factors to consider to manage teams effectively
A leader has to ensure that the team is performing optimally and achieving the objectives expected. Leaders have to follow-up and understand the level of motivation of the team members. The lack of motivation is a good indicator that tells that something is going wrong. The level of motivation is a direct link between a members’ performance and therefore of the team’s performance. The lack of motivation could warn about many dysfunctions such as, the organization is wrong or not appropriated anymore, the plan was not well communicated or not provided with enough training. Eventually the lack of motivation could warn that there are communication problems within team, or the objectives and rewards are not well understood or sufficient.
The role that an individual’s personality can play in the success of the team
One’s personality can diminish the success of team by affecting the motivation of the rest of the team or complicating the team working mechanism. Those bad effects can happen in many different ways. For instance, if a team player is not a communicator, and works in an environment that requires communication, this team member performance will be impacted and so will be the performance of the team.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality preferences

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