Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs Essay

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Introduction Running and managing a company requires strenuous efforts. Organisations are forced to be flexible, efficient and productive to excel at their performance. This international technology company demands strong motivation, stupendous leadership and great understanding between workers. Leaders need to create willingness amongst the employees to operate at their highest potential; this willingness is referred to as motivation. This report is based on a content/needs theory of motivation (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). It consists of two pieces of primary research on the theory. The first one summarises worker motivation on selected construction sites in Bangkok and the second one is a study of Ethnic differences and motivation based on Maslow’s Theory on Iranian Employees. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a five-tier model which was developed by Abraham Maslow in 1943-53 and his book ‘motivation and personality’ was published in 1954. This theory assumes that there is a hierarchy of five needs within each individual and is often interpreted as hierarchical levels in a pyramid as shown below. These five needs are grouped into two categories; high-order needs (social esteem, self actualization) and low-order needs (psychological and safety). Once the lower level needs are satisfied, one can progress on to satisfying the higher level needs, the highest one being self-actualization. The uppermost level is known as growth or being needs while the other

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